A Visit From PLASFED to Yalova University

The Board of Directors of PLASFED had a meeting with Prof. Mustafa Oksuz, Vice Rector of Yalova University, Prof. Mustafa Oztas, Dean of the School of Engineering, and lecturers from the Department of Polymer Technology Engineering and evaluated the steps that could be taken to enhance the success of the department. After the meeting, Prof. Huseyin Yildirim was presented a plaque for his contributions to the plastics industry. This was followed by the visit to laboratories to explore the technical means and ongoing research projects of the department.

Making a statement following the visit, PLASFED's Chairman Omer Karadeniz said, “Our University has indeed assumed a very important role in providing qualified personnel to the plastics industry. Not only the technical facilities, but also the competencies and research subjects of our lecturers are admirable. We are delighted to have started a reverse brain drain by enticing our researchers into this department, especially those based in the US and Europe. In the coming period, we will continue cooperating to elevate the achievement of this department to higher levels”.

“We are very pleased to have come together with PLASFED, the umbrella organization of the plastics industry, regarding raising awareness of our department and solidifying the University-Industry cooperation. We will amplify our cooperation in terms of explaining the strategic importance of the industry and the department, especially in the eye of the public”, said Prof. Huseyin Yildirim, one of the most prominent names of the plastics industry in academic field.