A Visit from PLASFED to İKMİB

The Board of Directors of PLASFED visited Mr. Adil Pelister, Chairman of IKMIB (Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association), in the company of a delegation of industrialists. The meeting that allowed for the exchange of ideas on enhancing the exports potential of the plastics industry as well as the effects of recent increasing energy costs on the industry discussed the measures which could be taken for the industry to overcome these problems.

“The companies operating in our industry have undergone a very difficult time due to the recent increasing energy costs,” said PLASFED's Chairman Mr. Ömer Karadeniz and added, “The profitability of the industry will vanish completely, and exports will decrease due to the cease of operations by companies unless immediate measures are taken in this regard.”

Mr. Adil Pelister, Chairman of IKMIB, said, “Profitability and productivity, the two issues which we have recently been dwelling on most, also come up when such problems are encountered. We continue our efforts to enhance the value added for the entire chemical industry.”