A Visit from PLASFED to ASO

PLASFED held the last Board of Directors meeting of 2019 hosted by Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO). The meeting held with a huge turnout of executives from PLASFED was also attended by the plastics committee members of ASO and ATO.

The Board of Directors meeting made an industry-wide assessment for 2019 as well as the activities carried out by PLASFED. In addition, the meeting was concluded with an agreement on the action plan for 2020.

After the Board of Directors meeting, ASO's Secretary General Assoc. Prof. Yavuz Cabbar met PLASFED delegation. PLASFED's Chairman Mr. Ömer Karadeniz remarked, during the meeting, that he was very pleased that his colleagues who played an active role in the management of PLASFED were represented at the highest level in the ASO plastics committee, and said, "Ankara Chamber of Industry plays a very important role as a pioneer in many industries, especially the defense industry."