PLASFED and PETKIM Joined Forces for the Plastics Industry

The visit paid to PETKIM's facilities in Aliaga, Izmir by the Turkish Plastics Industrialists' Federation addressed the enhancement of cooperation, diversification of plastic awareness activities and PETKIM's future investments. “There are some recent broadcasts that plastic is harmful to the environment, and people are thus misguided. As the federation, we will work harder to raise public awareness in the coming period. Making use of PETKIM's expertise and knowledge in this field is of great importance for both us and the community”, said Ömer Karadeniz as he remarked that they have been hand in glove with PETKIM since 1985 when Aliaga facilities started operations.

PETKIM's CEO Anar Mammadov stated that they were honored to have entertained PLASFED, the umbrella organization of the plastics industry in our country, and said, “It is very important for us to come together with the executives of a valuable non-governmental organization like PLASFED. As pointed out by the Chairman Mr. Ömer Karadeniz, we need to enhance our cooperation. At this point, we are ready to give our best support”. Underlining that the current account deficit of our country will be reduced by US$ 1.5 billion thanks to SOCAR's Star Refinery investment, Mammadov concluded his words saying, “Turkey and PETKIM are strategically very important to SOCAR. We therefore continue to work on various investments in detail.”